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Introducing the 2014 INL of NA Calendar

“Volcanoes of Iceland”

It's beautifully designed, informative, and features major volcanoes of Iceland.  Photographs were graciously provided by professional photographers Mats Weibe Lund and his son Christopher.

The 2014 INL of NA Calendar is now available
$12.00 plus shipping
Contact the INLofNA Office
103-94 First Avenue
Gimli, MB R0C 1B1
or the INL chapter nearest you

2014 Calendar Volcanoes of Iceland


Submissions requested for 2015 Calendar: Waterfalls

Amanda Allen, who is designing and producing the 2015 calendar is accepting submissions until the end of November. Photos can be emailed to her at this email. Alternatively if that's not possible send a cd with the digital photo(s) on it to her mailing address: 532 14th Ave East. #302 Seattle, WA 98112 USA

If possible she'd like to receive the photos at a resolution of 300 dpi, but if that can't be done she can adjust the size and resolution on her end. The biggest criteria is simply having everyone's name and the name and location of the waterfall so that can be printed in the calendar. 





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