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Gleðileg jól! At the Jólabarnaball Icelandic Christmas party, co-hosted with the Icelandic Hekla Club, we dance around the Christmas tree according to Icelandic custom. Then, the Jólasveinar or Yuletide Lads arrive! As always, there is ample Icelandic food.

  • Gleðileg jól og farsælt nýtt ár!

Christmas Service 2012

It is time for Grilla and the 13 Jolasveiner, or Yule Lads, to return.  They return to celebrate with Minnesota Icelanders at the JÓLABARNABALLJoin us as we dance around the Christmas tree singing Icelandic and English Christmas songs, learn about Icelandic Christmas Customs, and eat delicious Christmas foods.  Bring a Christmas Dish,  prepared on a tray, to share; and a chapter book, for Vopnafjordur.  Once again, the Nordic Nook will have a variety of items for sale for Christmas presents.  JÓLABARNABALL returns to the Knights of Columbus at 1114 American Boulevard in Bloomington.  Exit 494 at Lyndale South, West to the Knights of Columbus. Suggested Donation is $15.00 for a family. RSVP: Maddy Arnar 952-941-3035 or on the web at


Icelandic Christmas Service and Reception
Sunday, December 22, 2013  4:00 pm

Grace University Lutheran Church, 
324 Harvard St. SE, Minneapolis, MN

Every Christmas for the past few years, Minnesota Icelanders have celebrated Christmas in a special, peaceful, quiet manner in the same way it is celebrated in Iceland and the tradition brought by the Icelandic Immigrants to Minnesota.  An Icelandic Christmas Service!  This year the service will be held at Grace University Lutheran Church, a church, 324 Harvard Street SE, Minneapolis. Grace Church, over the years, has been attended by many of the Minnesota Immigrant families when they moved to the Twin Cities. Rev. Eyglo Bjarnadottir will lead the service and will be assisted by Jon Omar Gunnarsson,an Icelandic student at Luther Seminary.  Steven Self, the Music Director at Grace University Lutheran Church has graciously offered to assist, and provide music this year. Steve is a great friend of Iceland, a friend of Pall Skaftason who taught him Icelandic followed by Bjorgvin, and studies Icelandic music and its composers.  His generosity is appreciated.       
Please join the choir for its first practice on December 14th at 12:00 noon, at Grace University Lutheran Church.  Choir participants may park in Lot AA, diagonally across Harvard Street from the church. It is a monitored lot M-F, but not on the weekends. Hope you will come and join the Icelandic Christmas choir. Everyone is welcome!  For more information, please contact Eyglo Bjarnadottir at

715-417-2182, or Email:


Icelandic Christmas Service

Sunday, December 16, 2012, 4:00 pm

The Chapel of the Incarnation,

Olson Campus Center at Luther Seminary

2481 Como Avenue, St. Paul, MN




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