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Welcome to
the Icelandic-American Association of Minnesota


A Brief History:

The Icelandic American Association of Minnesota (IAAMN) was founded in 1994. We are a group for men, women, and families who welcome those who are interested in Iceland to join and participate in activities throughout the year.

We promote Icelandic culture, past and present, we support events that celebrate Icelandic culture and strengthen appreciation of Icelandic heritage, and we provide an organization for anyone interested in Iceland.

We coordinate with the Icelandic Hekla Club, founded in 1925 and the oldest continuously meeting Icelandic club in the US. Women of the Club meet the third Saturday of each month at 1030 AM, from September to November, from January to March, and in May. The Hekla Club organizes activities and events such as the Samkoma dinner in April.

Our events include

Midwinter Festival: the Þorrablót in February is a gala banquet featuring traditional Icelandic food known as ̃orramatur, along with music, a program, and fellowship

June Picnic: the 17th of June Picnic celebrates the Icelandic National Independence Day

Leif Eiriksson Day: our October dinner celebrates the great legacy of Leif Eriksson

Christmas Festivities: families enjoy the Jólabarnaball and Icelandic Christmas Service in December

Sönghópurinn Huldufólkið: This singing group is composed of people who are learning Icelandic with Sigga. Most are participants in Tala Íslensku classes and/or members of the group of young people that go to Sigga's house to cook together and learn Icelandic. Johanna Gorman-Baer has loaned her musical talents to the group and leads the singing.

We are active members of the Icelandic National League. We support the Val Bjornson Scholarship, sponsored by the Exchange Program between the Universities of Minnesota and Iceland. The Association is a Minnesota non-profit corporation.

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