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2015 Convention

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Please support the Val Björnson Icelandic Exchange Scholarship

Please support the Guttormsson Family Foundation

Please support the Bill Holm Memorial Fund at the Minneota Public Library


Dates to Remember

January 7   IAAMN Board Meeting  
January 15   Tala íslensku  
January 18   Hekla Club meeting  
February 1   Thorrablót  
February 11   IAAMN Board Meeting  
February 11   INL2015 planning roundtable
February 15   Hekla Club meeting  
February 19   Tala íslensku  
March 15   Hekla Club meeting  
March 19   Tala íslensku  
March 25   IAAMN Board Meeting  
April 16   Tala íslensku  
April 26   Samkoma  
April 29   IAAMN Board Meeting  
April 29   INL 2015 planning  
May 17   Hekla Club meeting  
May 21   Tala íslensku  
May 27   IAAMN Board Meeting  
May 15   INL of NA Convention, Winnipeg  
June 15   Icelandic Independence Day Picnic  
June 17   IAAMN Board Meeting  
October 4    Leifur Eiriksson Celebration    
December 7   Jólabarnaball  
December 21   Icelandic Christmas Service  


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