ARCHIVESIcelandic Archives of BC, IABC
#304 - 1635 Martin Drive, Surrey, BC V4A 6C9

You are cordially invited to see
the exhibition of historical photographs depicting

Early Icelandic Settlements in B.C. and Point Roberts
Now on display at Höfn - Icelandic Harbour
2020 Harrison Drive, Vancouver, B.C.

Call Robert Asgeirsson at 778-300-2167 for more details

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A community archives whose purpose is to collect and maintain original documentation and artifacts concerning the history of Icelanders and their descendants in the Province of British Columbia.

The IABC does not limit itself to historical documentation of Icelanders in B.C. alone. Regions nearby such as Point Roberts are also of interest. Where persons of Icelandic origin or descent have relocated to B.C. from other areas, we offer to safeguard their old photographs and papers or other historical items for posterity.

The IABC reserves the right to place certain acquired items with other more relevant archives unless otherwise specified at the time of donation to the IABC

All persons interested in our Icelandic historical material are welcome to contact Robert Asgeirsson, IABC curator, for specific searches. Copies of documents and photographs can be provided by request.

We encourage all persons of Icelandic descent to consider placing their old photos and documents with the IABC as, and this has happened many times before, descendants may throw out unrecognizable but historically significant photos and documents.

Can you help with identification of these items:

J.B. Academy photographs ?

Riverton/Hnausa/Framnes Photographs depicting Íslendingadagurinn and others.

Contact: Robert Asgeirsson: 778-300-2167 or send him an Email

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