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Brúin, Selkirk Chapter  
Blaine Icelanders
Esjan, Arborg Chapter
Fargo-Moorhead Klub
Framfari, Winnipeg Chapter
Friends of Iceland, Ottawa Chapter
Gimli Icelandic Canadian Society
ICA of ND - North Dakota
Icelandic American Assoc. of Minnesota
Icelandic Association of Utah
Icelandic Canadian Club of B.C.
Icelandic Canadian Club of Edmonton, Norðurljós
Icelandic Canadian Club of Quebec
Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto
Icelandic Canadian Frón (Winnipeg)
Icelandic Club of Greater Seattle 
Icelandic Canadian of Western Manitoba
Icelandic Hekla Club of Minnesota
Icelandic National League of North America 
Icelandic National League of Iceland, ÞFI 
Icelandic Society of Northern California 
Icelanders of Victoria Club 
Leif Eiriksson Icelandic Club of Calgary
Lestrarfélagið Gleym-mér-ei
Lundar Chapter
New Iceland Heritage Museum
Sigurskúfer, Yukon Chapter
Stephan G. Stephanson Icelandic Society
Vatnabyggð Icelandic Club of Saskatchewan

Icelandic-American Chamber of Commerce
Icelandic Canadian Magazine 
Icelandic Festival of Man., Íslendingadagurinn
Icelandic Library Resources
Icelandic Memorial Society of Nova Scotia
Icelandic Society of Boston
Icelandic Society of Greater New York
Lögberg-Heimskringla - Weekly
Nova Scotia
Western Icelanders in Manitoba
Scandinavian Centre in Winnipeg
Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival
Scandinavia House in New York
The Book of Life-Vesturættir
U of M - Dept. of Icelandic Language & Lit.
UVic - Beck Trust Lecture Series

GOVERNMENTS - Info., Visas, Embassies

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Alþingi - Icelandic Parliament 
Canadiana Web Index - massive listings
Consulate General of Iceland - Winnipeg
Embassy of Iceland - Ottawa
Embassy of Iceland - Washington 
Government of Canada 
Government of Iceland Listings 
Iceland: CIA - The World Fact Book, 2002
Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
Tips for Canadians Traveling Abroad 
Trade Council of Iceland 
USA Bureau of Consular Affairs 


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3D Map of Iceland (big)
Alvörubúðin - Embroidery Kits
Antique Maps of Iceland 
Apple Macintosh Iceland
Arborg area including Selfoss
Arbæjarsafn Rekjavík Museum
Bóksala - University of Iceland Book Store
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Digital Dialects (Games for learning Icelandic)
Destination Iceland 
Elves and Huldufolk
Emigration From Iceland To America
Emigration - Íslandssöguvefurinn - RUV (English)
Glaumbær Folk Museum
Gisting/Guesthouse BB 44 (Kópavogur)
Guesthouse (Old Post Office) Laugarás-area
Guesthouse Sigridur
Hofsós - Icelandic Emigration Center
High Icelandic - Hyperpuristic Modern Icelandic
Húsið á Eyrarbakka Web Travel Agency
Iceland Experience: Tours & Vacations
Iceland News - continually updated
Iceland On The Web - 3600 Links in Iceland
Iceland - portal
Iceland Review - Online
Iceland White Pages Directory
Iceland Yellow Pages Directory
Iceland Car Rentals 
Icelanders' Personal Web Pages 
Icelandic Business Dir. - Firmaskrá Íslands
Icelandic CD's Online 
Icelandic Connection
Icelandic Cooking - Jo's Icelandic Recipes
Icelandic Export
Icelandic Farm Holiday Association
Icelandic Geographic Magazine
Icelandic Horse Breeder 
Icelandic Horse Net 
Icelandic Lessons - Introductory Tapes & CDs
Icelandic Library Resources
Icelandic Medieval Studies Program
Icelandic Meteorological Office (English version) 
Icelandic National Costumes
Icelandic On Line Dictionary 
Icelandic Sagas - Searchable Database 
Icelandic Stamps - Postphil 
Icelandic Tourist Bureau
Icelandic Web Chat Channel 
Icelandic Web Pages
Icelandic Word Bank (Orðabanka - English)
Keflavík Airport
Luminous Landscape, The  
Mál og Menning Web Book Store 
Netútgáfan - Classic Ice. Books on the Internet 
Nordic Store
Northern Lights Image Gallery
ÓMÓ - vefurinn - Textasafn (Icelandic Lyrics)
Reykjavík Tourist Information 
RUV - Live Icelandic National Radio & TV
Snorri Program - discover Iceland
South Iceland - Visitor info, destinations, links 
The Sigurður Nordal Institute
The Web Collection - Icelandic Search Engine 
Tourist Information Channel-Iceland 
University of Iceland
University of Iceland Summer School
Viking Pub & Restaurant 
Virtually Virtual Iceland 
What's On In Iceland
Yule - Jol In Iceland


New links in bold

Ásatrú Worldwide Links
Icelandic Astrology
Icelandic Sagas - Searchable Database
Medieval & Classic Literature Online (Sagas)
Mystery of the Futhark Alphabet 
Myths and Legends
The Norse Mythology Web Page
The Runic Journey 
The Viking Home Page 
The Viking Network
World of the Vikings



(Iceland) NVI -Nordic Volcanological Institute 
(Iceland) Univ. Iceland (maps, photos, research)  
MTU Volcanoes Page (extensive information) 
Scott Polar Research Institute - Univ. Cambridge 
Smithsonian Institute - Global Volcanism 


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Online Genealogy

Manitoba Society

100th Íslendingadagurinn in Mountain, N.D.
Book of Life-Vesturættir 
Calgary - Travel Guide
Canadian News Publications 
Canadiana Web Index - massive references
Cavalier County 
Cavalier N.D. - Icelandic State Park
CNN - Travel Destination - Iceland 
Dept. of Icelandic Lang. and Lit., U of M
Descendants / Afkomandi - CD
Edmonton - Travel Guide 
Falcon Hockey Team
Fodor's Travel Guide - Iceland 
Foreign Languages for Travellers

Genealogy: B.C. Archives 
Genealogy: Canadian Archives
Genealogy: Canadian Genealogy & History
Genealogy: Cdn. Dept. of Veterans Affairs
Genealogy: Commonwealth Graves Comm.
Genealogy: Family Search (LDS)
Genealogy: Genealogy Toolbox
Genealogy: Hofsós
Genealogy: Húsið á Eyrarbakka
Genealogy: Icelandic Church Records 
Genealogy: Icelandic Emigration To America
Genealogy: Icelandic Genweb
Genealogy: Iceland Genealogy Forum
Genealogy: Kinmount Settlement & Ship List
Genealogy: Manitoba Genealogical Society
Genealogy: National Archives of Iceland
Genealogy: Online Genealogy
Genealogy: Royal Genealogic Data Directory
Genealogy: Search-Advice
Genealogy: UK birth, marriage, death certificates

Gimli - Interlake On-line
Gimli - Lakeview Hotel
Gimli - Rural Municipality
Hecla Island
Hecla - Gull Harbour Resort
Iceland: CIA - The World Fact Book
Icelandic Canadian Magazine
Icelandic Cooking - Uppskriftleit- Icelandic text
Icelandic Goods by Brendan
Icelandic Horses in Ontario
Icelandic Horses Sales Canada - Bonaventure Farms
Icelandic Library Resources 
Icelandic Settlers of the Swan River Valley 
Icelandic Recipes - (Jo's Icelandic Recipe Book)
Icelandic Recipes - (New Iceland)
Icelandicize Your Computer 
Internet Chatting Around The World
Jonas Hallgrimsson, Selected Poetry & Prose 
Konnie Johannesson Aviation Photos
Kinmount Settlement
Learning - Icelandic 
Learning - Icelandic Introductory Tapes & CDs
Learning - Icelandic Online (Free) U. of Iceland  
Learning - Common Icelandic Phrases
Landsape Photography of Iceland
Manitoba - Travel The Province
Maple Leaf Icelandic Horse Farm - N.B.
Medieval & Classic Literature Online (Sagas)
Mirror Images
Mountain ND, Community Center
Nordic Art (sculptor)
Nordic Web Pages
Paintings of Iceland
Riverton, Manitoba
Scandinavian Centre in Winnipeg
Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival
Scandinavian University Press Books 
Stephan G. Stephansson House 
(Stephansson) Alberta Museum Publications
Ströndin Internet Radio
Svala--Artist in Alberta
Towards Torfajökull - pictorial walking tour
UVic - Beck Trust Lecture Series
Village of Riverton 
Virtual Geological Field Trip to Iceland
Virtually Virtual Iceland
Western Icelanders in Manitoba
Winnipeg - A Destination
Winnipeg Falcons

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| Google | Alta Vista | Excite | Infoseek | Lycos | Yahoo |

To search for Icelandic subjects or other web pages in general, try using one or more of the above search engines. Results vary somewhat.

Example: Go to the very powerful search engine AltaVista, and choose the advanced search method. A typical search for web pages about Icelandic horses would be entered as follows: "Icelandic AND Horse*" in the search window (do not use the quotes). The resulting list is impressive. In some circumstances more than 200 references will be found. AltaVista only allows you to view 200 per inquiry, so try to be somewhat specific in your searches. 

Try the following as well:

Yahoo's Search of Iceland 
The Web Collection - Icelandic Search Engine
Northern Light Search Engine - Very interesting results returned

If you would like to include your web site on this page, please send a request note containing the proper site name and its complete URL address to:
Holly Ralph <>