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Our Society is one of the largest active Icelandic clubs in North America with a membership of about 500 persons of all ages. If you are not a member, we extend a sincere invitation to join with us in celebrating our Icelandic heritage and culture. If you are a member we would like you to help us in our annual Membership drive to get more members. Please use the following information in talking to your family members and friends about our club.

We are an active group and have many programs and functions for all the members of your family. We are affiliated with the Icelandic National League of North America which gives a national voice to the Icelandic culture in Canada and the U.S.A. We have been around since 1908 under a different name then but our goals and principles have remained the same.

It is our desire to continue to grow and develop as a cultural community in our Canadian multicultural society. Your membership and support are key ingredients to the success of our own Icelandic community. Here are some of the programs and events we create for our membership and the community at large.

* Icelandic Classes
Yearly. Teacher: Indriði Kristjánsson
* Icelandic Christmas party
for the whole family.
* Scholarship Awards
for qualifying students of Icelandic descent.
* Banquets & Dances
following Icelandic customs.
* Monthly Newsletter
keeping you up-to-date on all the activities and sent free to all members.
* Sólskin Library
Over 3,500 English and Icelandic language books.
Icelandic Genealogical Centre
established to encourage people of Icelandic heritage to find out about their ancestors, using the latest in reference books & computer technology.

Please download and print our form:

Icelandic Canadian Club of B.C. Membership Application




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