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Jan. 17 (Tues.)
January Meeting
Danish Canadian Club,
Kings Room
Jan. 29,
ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING : to be held at the Viking Hall, Scandinavian Centre, 7:00 PM, preceded by a “Potluck” Dinner at 5:30 PM Viking Hall,
Scandinavian Centre
 April 29

SPRING DINNER-  "Sumardagurinn Fyrsti,” to be held at the Viking Hall, Scandinavian Centre.

 Viking Hall,
Scandinavian Centre
 May 4 - 7
(Fri. & Sat.)

Icelandic National League of North America ANNUAL CONVENTION 


 Grand Forks,
North Dakota
 May 25
  SENIORS’ LUNCH - Valhalla Room, Scandinavian, Centre-Free Event  Valhalla Room, Scandinavian, Centre
 June 17
  ICELAND INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION, Family activities, Program, Crowning of Fjallkona from Markerville, Potluck supper  Markerville

Snorri West in Calgary

 Sept 30
 FALL FEAST - featuring presentations of the Snorris’ trip to Iceland
 Viking Hall at the Scandinavian Centre
 October Vinarterta Bees
 Nov. 12?


 Scandinavian Centre
 Nov. 25
 Viking Hall at the Scandinavian Centre.

On Saturday November 26, the Scandanavian Center in Calgary rang in the Christmas season with Leif Eiriksson Icelandic Club of Calgary annual Christmas party.  The hall was gaily decorated with a giant Christmas tree and tables bearing the names of the 13 Icelandic Lads, such as Skyrgámur (my table), Bjúgnakrækir, and Gluggagægir to name a few.  Tables were called to the buffet by these table names.

A large turnout of about 157 people arrived dressed in festive holiday attire.  Party goers started the feast with Icelandic appetizers such Rullupsylsa and Pickled Herring.  Alpine Catering provided a mouthwatering meal of turkey, stuffing, mixed vegetables, and potatoes accompanied by salad and buns.  In true Icelandic style the meal included a delicious lamb with mint sauce.  Apple and pumpkin pie with whipped cream provided the finishing touch to the meal.

Following the meal there was a visit by the Yuletide lads in miniature as the children of the Club dressed up as the Christmas elves with an introduction by Gryla herself.  After the elves left, the children re-appeared in order to participate in a round of Christmas songs hand in hand with parents and friends as they circled the Christmas tree in hopes that their songs would entice a visit from Santa Claus. Santa Claus did in fact make the anticipated stop to the hall to the delight of the children who waited patiently to visit with him, each child leaving with a goodie bag.

The Tombola ticket draw was a great success with many wonderful items going to lucky ticket holders.  After the draw, party goers were entertained by Danny, the “One Elf Band.”  Danny sang a variety of Christmas songs accompanying himself on the harmonica, kazoo, guitar, drums and cymbal.  It was quite amazing to see him play all of these instruments while singing all at the same time.

Toward the end of the evening, guests enjoyed a second round of treats including cookies, and Icelandic treats such as Skyr with brown sugar and Vinarterta.

All in all the party was a fun and festive commencement to the holiday season.  A huge thank you to all that contributed to make the event a success.  As always, it could not have been accomplished without the help of all that volunteered.

 Appetizers before dinner
 Fjallkona greets members, grace
 Gryla with Yule Lads
 Santa listens to Christmas wish
 Santa with 4 generations of family
 Singing and dancing around the tree

Yule Celebrations 2015

Tree Singing
2 Mountain Men
 Fjal Ken Victor Laxdal, Carolyn Chew
 Yule Party 2015
 Gryla Karen Gummo Lappalludi, Kiel Jones  Black Cat
 Santa Grisdale News

Fall Feast

 Snorri Curtis Grisdale
 Snorris Prepare for Presentation

Icelandic National Celebration in Markerville June 20, 2015

Writer - Donna Nelson

Photos - Gwen Mann

Islendingamot 2015

It was Saturday, June 21 and the hamlet of Markerville was sunshiny and humming with trailers in the campground, tourists at the Historic Creamery Museum, morning coffee group gathered outside the Kaffistofa, kids in the playground, a garage sale at the neighbours, and people setting up chairs in Fensala Hall."What all is going on here?" asked a couple who had come to Markerville for a garage sale and country drive. They were really curious when they saw the occasional Viking person setting up stakes in the Creamery Courtyard.

"It's Islendingamot" we said; "it's a tradition of our culture that our Icelandic Society celebrates each year remembering the Icelandic National Independence Day." As the chatting went on, we assured them that one didn't have to be Icelandic to join in and we invited them to stay for the day.

They stayed, and their children joined in on the races in the courtyard. The dad even did the wheel barrel race with his son. By then the "Sons of Fenrir", Viking re-enactors arrived, dressed in costume, and ready to add boisterous pulling and roaring in the tug-of-war. Perhaps that was what made the clouds roll in sending the spectators to shelter under the huge tent. But as one knows Icelanders and Vikings, the show must go on, and so they continued with their impressive, educational, scary, robust and vigorous battle re-enactments.

The rain was persistent, so the crowd and Vikings moved to the hall where the commentator explained some of the battle moves and a re-enactment of a death and burial of people 1000 years ago. Talk about a history lesson coming alive! However, if there was any anxiety or fear in the children watching, it was quickly removed as everyone lined up for the ice cream cones served by the Creamery staff.

It didn't matter that people came unaware of the festivities or nature of , because Mistress of program and Ceremonies, Marlene Linneberg, very aptly spoke about the origin of the day, and she conducted the program with interesting introductions of all the speakers. They included Steve Benediktson, former Icelandic Consul for Southern Alberta; Christine Mueller, Leif Eiriksson Club, Calgary; Meredith Hoar and Bernice Andersen, Stephan G. Stephansson Icelandic Society, Markerville; Gloria Krenbrenk and Carolyn Yu, Icelandic Canadian Club, Edmonton. Both outgoing Fjallkona, Meredith Hoar, and the newly crowned Fjallkona, Carolyn Yu gave heartwarming speeches of their Icelandic heritage and connections through the years. We are blessed to have these ladies and their endless contributions to our clubs. Carolyn was accompanied by her husband and her princess, Karen Sigurson Erber.

Jay Clarke, from the Vikings closed the program with a poem recited in old Norse language.

The traditional bountiful pot luck supper was enjoyed by all, especially the family who were just out for a garage sale and country drive. Heritage, culture and food; what a privilege to celebrate and share with our sister clubs, community and touring families.

Donna Nelson from Stephan G. Stephansson Icelandic Society

Fjallkona Carolyn Yu and Ken

Wheelbarrow race
Ready for action
 Formation to resist enemy lines
Battle example
 Ice cream for all
Meredith Hoar greetings from Markerville
 Amy talks about life of women 1000 years ago
Jay tells a Norse poem

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