Ströndin Internet Radio - May 2006


Gus Kristjansson

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Welcome to our 12th program in this Internet series.
The content of this show was recorded in Victoria, B.C. at the 87th Annual Convention of the INL of NA. Icelandic and Western Icelandic delegates from a wide variety of clubs and organizations gathered together at the Hotel Grand Pacific overlooking Victoria's scenic harbour.

The Iceland Naturally promotion team was there as well and Karen Vopnfjord took the opportunity to do interviews with this talented group of Icelandic visitors.

Item # 1 - Einar Gustavsson, CEO of Iceland Naturally talks about their style of promoting a county, its industries, tourism and the "image" they want people to remember when Iceland is brought to mind.

Item # 2 - Chef Siggi Hall, Iceland's notable chef, talks about the life of an International Culinary Artist.

Item # 3 - KK and Ellen reminisce about growing up as brother and sister. Although they now have separate careers as independent recording artists, they are pleased to perform together on occasion in Iceland and overseas. The personable interview also includes three cuts of their music from KK's latest CD.


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