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Host: Gus Kristjansson
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Welcome to our 13th show in the series. It's the summertime and the months of July and August span "Sólmánuður" and "Hayannir" in the Old Icelandic Calendar.

We hope that you enjoy this special program for our Icelandic community in North America and elsewhere around the world.

Show Line up:
Item # 1 - Lt. Douglas Thorlakson, while on leave with and his family, speaks about his current tour of duty in Kandahar, Afghanistan.
Item # 2 - The Vopnfjords visit the Phoenix Icelandic club.
Item # 3 - David Jón Fuller talks about L-H's past and present plans.
Item # 4 - Dr Ken Thorlakson talks about L-H's financial future.

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