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Host: Gus Kristjansson
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Welcome to our 14th show in the series. We are pleased to bring you this special extended program featuring coverage of the recent 2006 Íslendingadagurinn in Gimli, Manitoba. This major Icelandic Celebration is now organized by the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba Inc. You are invited to visit their website as well.

Audio for Monday's "Traditional Program" was recorded by Tinna Gretarsdóttir. Our pictures are supplied by Linda Sigurdsson Collette and Dilla Narfason. We thank these three women for helping us produce this particular show. We also thank the festival organizers for giving us their permission to cover this event. If you missed the celebration, we hope that you enjoy this look at the 2006 Íslendingadagurinn.

NAVIGATING: Please use the navigation bar at the top of this page to access all our festival coverage. All the program audio items are presented individually or they can heard as one complete non-stop program. To get the "Traditional Program" audio and pictures of that Monday afternoon event, please click on that item in the navigation bar above. Other picture pages include the 2006 Program Cover Art, "Festival Events", festival theme "Strong Women" and "The Viking Village". Enjoy !

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