2:00 p.m.

The Whole Program.mp3
Length: 1 hr: 20 min: 20 sec.

The Fjallkona, her princesses, her escort and the RCMP colour guard, pause at the old stone gates of the Gimli park for a photo opportunity as seen below.

Individual Program items:

National Anthem.mp3
O Canada and O Guð Vors Lands
Length: 3 min: 6 sec.


High flying flags at the festival honour all the participating countries, the province of Manitoba and the Municipality of Gimli.

The Fjallkona - Erla Wankling with her princess daughters, Nancy Schroeder and Jennifer Wankling, with Tami Schirlie, President of the Icelandic Festival.

Íslendingadagurinn Welcome.mp3
Tami Schirlie,
2006 President Icelandic Festival
Length: 3 min: 23 sec.

Tami is seen here riding along in the annual parade that started at 10 a.m. on Monday. She is followed by members of the Khartum Temple who always provide extra colour and life for the spectators.

Address of the Fjallkona.mp3
Erla Helgason Wankling
Length: 5 min: 51 sec.

Erla's parents, Christian and Sigurveig Helgason, lived in a large stone house on the Helgason farm located one mile north of the Grund church.

In 1969 Erla returned to University to complete requirements of a dietetic internship. In 1972 she received her membership in the Canadian Dietetic association and began her career at the Health Sciences Centre.

She married Jim Wankling in the historic Grund Church. They have two daughters, Nancy and Jennifer.

Toast to Canada.mp3
Sólveig Pétursdóttir, Speaker of Althingi
Length: 12 min: 8 sec.

It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to recognize and thank Canada for the way the country has welcomed and fostered the people who migrated from Iceland to the this great land. It cannot be said too often that in no other country outside Iceland are there so many people of Icelandic descent. Canada, therefore, holds a special place in our hearts. All Icelanders who visit Gimli and the other Icelandic settlements in Canada describe their visit as an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. For those who are so lucky to be here in early August, Islendingadagurinn is the highlight of the visit. I wish you all a wonderful time during the Icelandic Festival in Gimli.

Toast to Iceland.mp3
Connie Magnusson
Length: 14 min: 20 sec.

Connie was born at Thorsmork in the Minerva District of New Iceland. She was one of three women (along with her mother and Aunt Herdis Einarson) who initiated the Walk to the Rock on October 21, 1975. This event, which marked the centennial of the arrival of the Icelandic people to New Iceland, continues as an annual event and welcomes all interested participants. She has also been involved in the Icelandic National League, serving as President of the Gimli Chapter and on the Board of the INL of NA. Connie is also a member of the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba and was honoured to be chosen Fjallkona in 2002.

Musical Presentation.mp3
Aurora Peiluck
Length: 4 min: 53 sec.


Aurora Peiluck - A song and a poem presentation.

Piano accompaniment by:
Marg. Rose Peiluck

- Your Are The Wind Beneath My Wings
- Amma's House

Greetings from the
Government of Iceland.mp3
Markús Örn Antonsson, Ambassador
Length: 10 min: 51 sec.

Coming to Canada as Ambassador of Iceland and residing in Ottawa since October 2005 has been a highly interesting and rewarding experience for me and my wife Steinunn. It has been a privilege and great advantage to communicate and visit with so many good people of Icelandic ancestry in different parts of the country. Wherever we travel and meet people, someone has a story to tell about links with persons of Icelandic descent and nice comments to make about the high regard they enjoy in Canadian society today. During the Icelandic Festival in Gimli we celebrate friendship and excellent relations between our countries.


Greetings from the
Province of Manitoba.mp3
Honourable Mininister Peter Bjornson
Length: 5 min: 47 sec

Elected in the June, 2003 general election, Peter Bjornson was appointed the Minister of Education, Citizenship & Youth by Premier Gary Doer on November 4, 2003. A lifelong resident of the Interlake, Peter currently resides just north of Gimli with his wife, two young sons, and baby daughter. A teacher by profession, Peter devoted 13 years of his life to his students. He also served as a councillor for the Town of Gimli where he gained valuable experience in local governance.

Peter Bjornson, MLA - Website


Poetry Reading.mp3
David Gislason & Bailey Palsson
Length: 4 min: 28 sec.

For some years now, I have presented a piece of poetry at the traditional program. Lately, I have used a translation that I have done, and together with a young student of Icelandic, we have brought an older poem by an Icelandic Canadian poet to light at the Festival. This year it was a particular pleasure to share the moment with my grand-daughter, Bailey Palsson from Hanusa, MB.

Together we recited for the assembly, a poem by Guttormur J. Guttormsson of Riverton, "Aurora", Bailey in the original Icelandic and I the English translation.


Greetings from the
Government of Canada.mp3
James Bezan, MP
Length: 4 min: 16 sec

James was raised on a farm near Inglis, Manitoba and graduated with a diploma in Agriculture Production from Olds College in Alberta. He has held positions as Manager of the Gunton Bull Test Station, Executive Officer of the Manitoba Cattle Producers’ Association, and Crop Adjuster – Sales Assistant for the Manitoba Crop Insurance Corporation. On June 28th, 2004, James was first elected to the House of Commons to represent the riding of Selkirk-Interlake. With the support of his constituents, James was re-elected on January 23rd, 2006. Rural development, environmental protection and agriculture have always been high on James’ list and he has always been an advocate for sustainable rural development and respecting the needs of the agriculture base.

James Bezan, MP - Website


Greetings from the
City of Winnipeg.mp3
Gord Steeves, Councillor
Length: 6 min: 27 sec.

Since his election to Winnipeg City Council in November 2000, Gord Steeves has established himself as a leader at city hall and one of the city’s most active councilors. He is involved in numerous committees, taking on responsibilities including Acting Deputy Mayor, chair-person of the Protection and Community Services Committee, chairperson of the Civic Environment Committee and member of the mayor’s Executive Policy Committee. Gord is also the 1st Vice President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

After graduating from Robson Hall Law School at the U of M in 1993, Gord set up private practice in St. Vital and began his public service career in the community. He served two terms as school trustee for St.Vital and chaired the finance committee before moving to the chair of the Winnipeg Technical College board of directors.

Gord Steeves, Councillor - Website



Greetings from the
Rural Municipality of Gimli.mp3
Mayor Kevin Chudd
Length: 2 min: 45 sec.





God Save the Queen
Eld Gamla Ísafold.mp3
Öðlingar Choir

Length: 2 min: 3 sec.


If I just take a little nap - the 'big people talks' will be over sooner...