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Those with telephone "Dial-Up Modem" connections (56k) might want to first quickly visit our illustrated web pages to load them into your browser. When the pages are completely downloaded, come back to the show's pages with 'program.mp3' links. By doing this, you will ensure that the audio item plays without interuption as you listen and browse our many illustrated web pages.

Once the audio begins to play on your media player program, click it into the background and return to the web pages to follow along with the visuals.

Streaming Audio Help:

To get our audio programs to play, you must single click on audio links with the ".mp3" suffix.

STREAMING: - is a continuous feed of our program to your audio player so that you won't have to wait for the complete download of the file prior to listening. This is an important function for all listeners to know about, especially for those with just a regular 56k telephone dial-up connection.

The streaming solution for PC listeners using Internet Explorer:
Decide to use Windows Media Player as your default player. Check to make sure you have the latest version. This multimedia player program just keeps getting better with each update.

Method: Launch Windows Media Player. In full screen mode where menus are available, go: Tools / Options / Select Tab: [Player] / click select the item "Connect to the Internet (overrides other commands). Continue and Select Tab: [File Types] / click "Select All", and then click the "OK" button.

Go to each of the other players on your computer and find its Preferences or Options area 'File Types'. Deselect all the different file types, especially "mp3" files. Examples of other audio players are: QuickTime, Real Audio, Winamp, etc.

Once you've done this, your computer should now use Windows Media Player as the default player. So,... now when you click on our "program.mp3" links, Windows Media Player will launch automatically and start streaming the audio to you within about 5-30 seconds after an initial short connection download.


A Macintosh computer user sent in this helpful hint that allows him to see our S.I.R. program web pages and listen to the program.mp3 file at the same time.

1. Using your Macintosh web browser, go to the Ströndin Internet Radio home page and click on the program you want to listen to.

2. When you click on a "program.mp3" file it will launch Quicktime and give you the player's window. Quicktime should start to play the program fairly quickly.

3. Click on the Amber button in the upper left corner of the window to "park" the player in the dock where it will continue to play.

4. Re-open the "Program's intro page" and click on "the story" arrows to look at text and pictures.


- Robert Asgeirsson, producer
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