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Welcome to our 8th program. It's the season known as "Skerpla" and Gus tells us a little about this second month of summer in the Old Icelandic Calendar.

This particular episode is a little longer than usual. The Icelandic community in the lower mainland of Greater Vancouver has made a very difficult decision to demolish the existing Höfn Care Home, lay off its staff and start all over again by building a new senior's residence following the provincial government's Assisted Care concept for the future. We hope you find the following program items informative.

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Show Line up:
Item # 1 - Höfn's 58th Anniversary - 3:07 min
Item # 2 - Sólskin Remembers - 15:30 min.
Item # 3 - Albert Teng, Exec. Dir. Höfn - 19:30 min.

Heather Alda Ireland addresses the last social gathering at Höfn on Harrison Dr. in Vancouver.
Four Sólskin members reminisce about the care homes on Osler and Harrison and just what they meant to the residents and to Sólskin.
Mr. Teng talks about the current issues with the existing building and the solution by developing the "Assisted Living" concept.

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