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Snorri West

Application deadline is in March 2013

Snorri West 2013 Itinerary

Snorri West 2013  Itinerary Description


The city of Calgary is set between the great plains of the Canadian Prairies and the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Be prepared to don a cowboy hat as you will be immersed in Calgary's wild, wild west culture with a day at the world famous Calgary Stampede. Next you take in some of Calgary’s popular tourist attractions including a visit to Heritage Park to experience Canada's historic past. Finally you will explore the vast wilderness and the Rocky Mountains with a trip to Banff National Park.

Markerville was settled in 1888 by 50 Icelanders.  Visit the quaint hamlet with its “Kaffistofa”, historic Fensala Hall, Lutheran Church and the homestead of the famous poet, Stephan G. Stephansson.  Experience the history, culture and community of the pioneers, along the shores of the Medicine River.

Edmonton, Alberta's capital, is waiting to share some of its many sites with you! You will visit Elk Island National Park, a wildlife sanctuary for bison, moose, elk, and deer. This park, founded in 1906, has re-established bison herds all over the world. A visit to Fort Edmonton Park will transport you back to the days of the fur trade and the pioneer years with costumed interpreters guiding through the historic buildings. Finally, no trip to Edmonton is complete with a day in the world class West Edmonton Mall with over 800 stores and services; will you be able to cover the 5.3 million square foot mall in a day?

"At Wanuskewin-Heritage-Park in Saskatoon,  Saskatchewan, you will see our First Nation people's heritage,  then on across the prairie to experience life on a farm and visit the Vattnabyggd area, including a stop at the first Saskatchewan memorial to Icelandic pioneers.

Visit the Icelandic Settlement in northeast North Dakota, attending their Deuce of August  Celebrations on Saturday August 3rd.  In 1878, Icelanders began to homestead here. Vikur Lutheran Church is on Main Street, Mountain, the oldest Icelandic Church in North America.   See where some famous Icelanders lived:  poets K.N. Júlíus & Stephan G. Stephansson and the Arctic explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson, and tour local museums.

Winnipeg has a lot to offer…including the largest collection of  Icelandic Literature in N.A. at U of Manitoba, the special statue to Jon Sigurdsson, Assiniboine Park Zoo.  You will ride a  Zip Line and take in professional baseball (Winnipeg Goldeyes) from a luxury box, and spend an evening at  the Winnipeg Fringe Festival.  You will tour the historic Forks area -  the birthplace of European settlement in Manitoba, and much more.

Gimli & Interlake District

In the “heart of New Iceland”, enjoy swimming, sunbathing and investigating the area of the first permanent settlements including Riverton, Arborg and Hecla.  Visit the New Iceland Heritage Museum in Gimli and take part in the annual Islendingadagurinn along with 40,000 other visitors… ride in the parade, play Islendingadunk and other games.   Enjoy BBQ’s and a visit to Icelandic Camp.

Snorri West 2013  Itinerary  Draft 5    Alberta, Sask., Man., ND, Minnesota 
(subject to change)
Wed. July 10   Reykjavik-Calgary  routing TBA. Arrival in evening
Thurs. July 11 Calgary
Fri. July 12  Calgary
Sat. July 13  Calgary
Sun.. July 14 Calgary
Mon. July 15 To Markerville AM
Tues. July 16 Markerville
Wed. July 17 to Edmonton
Thurs. July 18 Edmonton
Fri. . July 19 Edmonton
Sat.. July 20  Edmonton
Sun.  July 21  To Vattnabyggd
Mon.. July 22  Vattnabyggd
Tues. July 23 to Winnipeg
Wed. July 24 Winnipeg
Thurs.  July 25 Winnipeg
Fri.. July 26 Winnipeg
Sat.July 27  Winnipeg
Sun. July 28  Gimli  & Interlake Winnipeg Beach, Boundary Creek, Willow  Island, Gimli,(New Iceland Museum?)
Monday July 29 Riverton, Hecla
Tuesday July 30   Icelandic Camp
WednesdayJuly 31 Arborg, (New Iceland Museum?)
Thursday Aug.1  Day Off, Host Family BBQ in the evening (?)
Friday August 2 LH Golf Tournament
Saturday August 3 Trip to Mountain, ND for August the Deuce  (requested by ND)
Sunday   August 4 Icelandic Festival Sunday (Volunteering)
Monday August 5 Icelandic Festival Monday (Parade, Volunteering)
Tuesday  August 6  day off, packing
Wed. August 7  to Iceland  routing TBA

NOTE:  Subject to change, especially flights to and from Iceland,


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