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Pgm_18 - Jun 2008
Pgm_17 - Apr 2008
Pgm_16 - May 2007
Pgm_15 - Dec. 2006
Pgm_14 - Sept 2006
Pgm_13 - July 2006
Pgm_12 - May 2006
Pgm_11 - April 2006
Pgm_10 - Dec. 2005
Pgm_9 - Aug. 2005
Pgm_8 - June 2005
Pgm_7 - May 2005
Pgm_6 - April 2005
Pgm_5 - Feb. 2005
Pgm_4 - Dec. 2004
Pgm_3 - Nov. 2004
Pgm_2 - Sep. 2004.
Pgm_1 - July 2004

Welcome !

We hope you enjoy our 30 minute internet "on-demand" programs with enhanced web pages that illustrate each show segment.

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You can explore our pages by single clicking the little arrows in the upper and lower corners of a page, or in some of our latest shows, you can now randomly explore our pages using the links at the top of the screen.

Look at the web pages & Listen to the show at the same time:
Double click any "Program_#.mp3" audio file to launch a show. When the sound begins to play on your Media Player, single click the small [Strondin ...] page label item found at the bottom of your screen. This brings back our program's web pages and leaves the Media Player still playing, but now in the background. You can now explore our illustrated web pages while listening to the show. Enjoy!

Dial-up listeners- We suggest that you first visit each web page of any particular program to load them into your web browser. You then return to the first page to double click start the "Program_#.mp3" audio file. This will allow uninterupted playback of the show while you browse its pages.

STREAMING AUDIO HELP:How to get your audio player to stream the program to you so that you don't have to wait for the whole show to download first.

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