2015 Icelandic League of North American Convention

 The Sagas Continue

Capturing Biographies of Our Early Icelandic Settlers
We’ll get an update from Dianne O’Konski of the progress in capturing the stories of the early Icelandic settlers in North America.
About the presenter
Dianne, a native of Minneota, moved back to Minnesota in 2003 and quickly became involved in the Icelandic Hekla Club – serving as President and more recently as Secretary of the Club. She is also a member of the INL Board and instrumental in this year’s national convention.

Val Bjornson – A well-Known Minnesota Journalist and Politician
Dr. Orn Arnar will talk about the life of Valdimar Bjornson and share his memories of this good friend.

A Look at the Life of Bishop Guttormur Guttormsson
Stefan is going to provide an informative and interesting look at the life of his Afi, who was born in Iceland in 1880 and immigrated to North America as a child. He’s going to delve into the historic family from which Guttormur comes, this man’s incredible intellect, his fascinating educational story and if that isn’t enough, you will hear the story of the Krossavik Treasure and the “Mystery of the Spoons”.
About the Presenter
Stefan, a retired Ob-Gyn physician lives in Duluth, Minnesota, with his wife Rosemary. They have established the Guttormsson Family Foundation, which provides scholarships for US students participating in the Snorri program.

Highlighting Judge Grimson
Gudmundur Grimson was born in Iceland in 1878 as the youngest of 13 children. In 1882 his family came to the Icelandic settlement in Pembina County and homesteaded near Milton, North Dakota. Learn how he managed to get the laws changed in Florida relating to the brutal treatment of prisoners and helped a major newspaper win a Pulitzer Price. No small accomplishment while serving as states attorney in a small town in North Dakota and many other stories about this judge whose picture is on display in the Cavalier County Courthouse in North Dakota.

About the Presenter
Steingrimur (Stony) Steinolfson is proud to share this story of his first cousin, three times removed, someone he has studied and revered all his life. Stony grew up in Mountain, North Dakota and is a member of the Icelandic American Association of Minnesota.
Coming to America

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