Pacific NW Regional Report

I want to let you know how delighted we were to be entertained by Yrsa when she visited Seattle on the 20th-22nd.  Anna Hauksdottir graciously opened her home to her and transported her to the evening program of Svannur Vilbergsson and to her presentation on Saturday the 22nd.  They returned to Anna's until she was due to be to the bus service at Marysville, WA.  We didn't have a large group but everyone thoroughly enjoyed her slide show and book review.  We are so happy she was able to work Seattle into her travels.  The Icelandic Club of Greater Seattle looks forward to the programs of Iceland whether they are authors, musicians, and/or visitors who want to know about the Icelandic communities in the Northwest.  Keep us in the loop.  Thank you.  Emily Kristjanson, President


Yrsa's visit to Vatnabyggd

Yrsa’s visit to Vatnabyggd was so appreciated and enjoyed by both Icelanders and non Icelanders.  Foam Lake and Wynyard had 25 people attend her readings.  Her geo-thermal presentation was given to about 40 grade nine students in Wynyard and approximately 36 students and members of the general public at Milligan BioTech in Foam Lake. Yrsa made an indelible impression on the students she spoke to.  Joan got a quote from one student in Foam Lake...(they) “were very impressed that someone with a huge role in massive projects was accessible in Foam Lake - WOW, we were really lucky.”  Everyone felt that she was so down to earth, so easy to get along with and had impressive communication skills.
The INL, individual clubs and International Visits will be receiving good publicity through articles in general magazines, local newspapers and a radio interview by a reporter  from CJGX Yorkton.  People are very impressed with the quality of visitors we get from Iceland, which could not happen without the International Visits Program through the INL.
Those who have yet to meet Yrsa have a real treat in store.
Audrey Shepherd