In 2009 the Icelandic National League of North America is celebrating its 90th Anniversary.  To celebrate this occasion, the INL has published its history.  This is an easy-to-read over view of the formation and activities of the INL.  The book starts with an Introduction to the INL and then the formation of the organization in 1919.  It tells about the people, early events, and then reviews our membership, bylaws, conventions, and projects.  It gives a brief history of each of the member Clubs and the monuments that celebrate our ancestors and heritage. 

We think that this should be enjoyable reading for you, your family and anyone who  may have an interest in things Icelandic.  This inexpensive book (only $5.00) will make an important addition to your book shelf. It would make a good gift for members of your family you’re your friends.  It is still possible to have it delivered in time for Christmas.

Books have been distributed across the country so there is someone near you who will be able to supply these books.  Contact your local Icelandic Club.  By going to the INL web site, you can find a complete list of member clubs. To find the club nearest to you, just click Chapters on the top bar.

 Or you may wish to order directly from the INLofNA office in Gimli or Lögberg Heimskringla:

Gwen Grattan

Executive Secretary, Icelandic National League

#103 - 94 1st Ave, Gimli, MB, Canada R0C 1B0

Phone: 204-642-5897  Fax: 204-642-9382

INLofNA <>


Lögberg Heimskringla - 204-284-5686

100 - 283 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3B 2B5

We hope that you will help us celebrate the Icelandic National League that provides us with so many services and assists us in staying connected to Iceland

History Book front cover