2016 INLNA Convention in Vancouver

23 Nov 2015 6:12 PM | Holly Ralph (Administrator)

Strandarsaga A Coast Story


Over the next weeks, the 2016 Convention Committee would like to showcase images of Vancouver. A poster with a theme will be sent to subscribers of the Icelandic National League of North America mailing list. Subscribers are encouraged to FORWARD the posters to friends and family who may be interested in attending the 2016 Convention.


The first poster sent a couple of weeks ago showed images of Historic Gastown. This week please find attached a poster featuring the village of Steveston. Steveston which was founded in 1880 is now part of the City of Richmond. The River Rock Casino Resort where the convention will be held is located in Richmond as is the Vancouver Airport.


Tourism Richmond notes the following information about Steveston: http://www.tourismrichmond.com/things-to-do/steveston/

There's something enchanted about Richmond's village of Steveston, and if you're a fan of ABC's "Once Upon a Time

," you already know this. That's because locations for the TV show's loveable town of Storybrooke - the library, Granny's Diner, Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop and more - are actually shot right here in Steveston!

And while Storybrooke is fiction, Steveston really is a fairytale come to life, with hidden wonder tucked inside hundred-year-old buildings and a magical story all its own! Discover this alluring seaside mix of historic sites

delicious dining and charming shops that together make up one of British Columbia's most beloved destinations.


In contrast to Steveston's modern shops and restaurants, Steveston's Gulf of Georgia Cannery

 and Britannia Heritage Shipyards National Historic Sites, along with nearby London Heritage Farm, are some of the most visited attractions in British Columbia, illuminating Richmond's fascinating heritage with an immersive trip through in time.

At the Cannery, visitors discover what made Steveston one of the most important ports in North America at the height of the salmon-canning industry, exploring the vast machines and then-modern technologies in what was the largest building of its kind, still standing on wooden pilings over the Fraser River.

The workstations and bunkhouses of the nearby Britannia Shipyards stand in testament to a time when immigrants from around the world joined Canadian and First Nation workers in what became one of the most multicultural communities on the continent.

Throughout Steveston's heritage sites, Richmond's vibrant past comes to life in an engaging mix of old and new: fun, interactive exhibits, moving documentaries, guided tours, oral histories and priceless historic artifacts.

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