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  • 31 Oct 2014 9:22 AM | Holly Ralph (Administrator)

    Icelandic Charity Christmas Donations

    The INL of NA will again gather donations from local clubs and individuals

    wishing to donate to the Mother’s Charity” in Iceland.

    To ensure the donations can be sent to Iceland - in time for the Christmas season….

     please ensure your donation arrives at the INL of NA office on or before December 1, 2014.

    Either: mail cheques to the INL office. #103 - 94 1st Ave., Gimli, MB R0C 1B1


    donate through PayPal --INL@mymts.net


    In PayPal, you can choose to make a payment to ‘family and friends‘ (rather than a business transaction) to lower the fees …. as we are famously all related!            

    Holly Ralph sent her payment directly from her bank account last year so there were no fees.

    Alternatively, you can choose to pay the fees yourself to ensure the whole donation goes to the charity.

  • 27 Jun 2014 3:11 AM | Holly Ralph (Administrator)
    Here is a great webpage to keep up with Icelandic musicians performing abroad. Scroll down the list and look for performances in the USA or Canada
    Hope this helps.
    Gimli Film Festival
  • 01 Dec 2013 6:06 PM | Holly Ralph (Administrator)


    The outstanding Icelandic Genealogy Database of Hálfdan Helgason has been purchased by Sunna Pam Furstenau. The new non-profit organization, Icelandic Roots, will manage this database. The “Cousins Across the Ocean” project and other heritage, cultural, and educational endeavors associated with her work will be managed through this organization. Sunna will serve as President and continue to work as a volunteer in the organization - not taking a salary. Hálfdan will serve as a Director on the Board and will continue to work as a volunteer for the organization.

    Icelandic Roots is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-political, charitable organization with a mission to educate, preserve, and promote Icelandic Heritage including genealogy, literature, language, culture, traditions, and history of the people of Iceland including those that immigrated and their descendants.

    The Genealogy Database is now available online. You can join as a member to do your own research in this huge database that is for everyone with Icelandic heritage. People in North America and Iceland can find their ancestors and relatives. The information can help you learn more about where they lived, their occupation, their immigration, and more. This database is unique. It holds the stories and genealogy data of many Icelanders that went to North America and their descendants. New features include information about Cemeteries, Places, Histories, Documents, Photos, and more.

    Charitable activities will be to support projects, events, educational scholarships, and activities which focus on the history Iceland and her people including the heritage, genealogy, literature, language, culture, traditions, and more.

    For information, see the website:  www.icelandicroots.com

  • 03 Sep 2013 6:14 PM | Holly Ralph (Administrator)

    Did you know an Icelander first drew Bugs Bunny?  An Icelander was also one of the first to explore the Arctic and develop rust resistant wheat. There are many people of Icelandic origin who have done things that are helping you and me to this day and will continue to do so into the future. Many of the Icelanders who made significant contributions to North America and beyond were not members of an established Icelandic club.  Therefore, their stories have not been kept alive and are dimming as the years go by. We want to capture those histories and memories before they fade away completely.  The INLofNA’s Icelandic Biographies Committee is working to collect biographies of people who have made major contributions to society, no matter what field of study (politics, science, industry and technology, cultural, the arts, etc.)

    The Biographies Committee would like your assistance in compiling a list of the people described above.  If you have someone you feel should be included, please send the name and general information, such as their contribution, to  icelandicbiographies@gmail.com. Completed biographies will be posted on the INL website for everyone’s enjoyment.

    Would you like to help with this project?  There are many things that are needed, but most important is your referral of anyone that has made a contribution.

    Other thing include:

    -can you translate Icelandic to English?

    -would you like to research and write biographies?

    -are you able to edit existing biographies?

    -are you able to improve the quality of pictures that are submitted?

    Below is one of the Biographies of people, now deceased, that we are referring to:

    Biography of Charlie Thorson written by his grand daughter

  • 03 Aug 2013 6:16 PM | Holly Ralph (Administrator)

    Icelandic River Roast

      Enjoy Delicious Coffee While Supporting Local Heritage Projects  
    Every pound purchased supports the work of Icelandic River Heritage Sites
    (project details at: www.icelandicriver.com)
    To order, contact: eyrarbakki@hotmail.com or phone 204 378 2758

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