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Interview by: Robert Asgeirsson,
White Rock, B.C.

Robert has had a long standing interest in the history of the Icelanders who emigrated to North America, their communities and their decendents. In 1973, when researching the history of the Icelanders in Manitoba for a possible film documentary, he interviewed Dr. Will Kristjanson, exploring many cultural issues.

Dr. Wilhelm Kristjanson
(1896 - 1979)

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Wilhelm (Will) Kristjanson, teacher, author, editor, community worker and veteran of two wars, was born in Otto Manitoba, received his early education in Lundar, and furthered his education at: the Jon Bjarnason Academy, Wesley College (now the University of Winnipeg), Oxford University, and the University of Chicago.

Interview: 5.00 min.

During the First World War, Dr. Kristjanson enlisted with the 107th Battalion C.E.F. and transferred to the 44th Battalion in 1916. He was wounded at Vimy Ridge. Upon his recovery he joined the R.A.F. as a cadet and held the rank of Honourary 2nd Lieutenant. During the Second World War he was with the C.O.T.C. Reserve Force and later in active service as a training officer (Adjutant Captain). During the post-war period 1946-1954 he continued with the reserve as Adjutant (Major).

Scholarships in his name

Wilhelm Kristjanson Memorial Scholarship
Department of History Awards - U. of Winnipeg

This scholarship is established in memory of Wilhelm Kristjanson (B.A., 1924, Wesley College, and LL.D., 1972, University of Winnipeg) by his daughter, Evelyn Downey. It will be awarded annually to a student with a distinguished record in the study of the history of Canadian immigration and ethnicity. Preference will be given to a student who has undertaken research on Icelandic immigration to Manitoba.

Wilhelm Kristjanson Memorial Scholarship - $500
The Icelandic Festival of Manitoba

The Icelandic People
In Manitoba

A Manitoba Saga

Available from:
H.P. Tergesen & Sons

Box 1818
82 - 1st. Avenue
Gimli, Manitoba

Tel. (204) 642-5958
Fax. (204) 642-9017

Dr. Kristjanson mentioned the Icelandic Code of Laws translations: Grágás I & II
- Check with the UofM Bookstore (204) 474-8321 and for copies.

Dr. Wilhelm Kristjanson with his wife, Jónína
(Jona) Thorunn

Dr. Kristjanson's first wife was Verda Viola Treble, who passed away in 1948. His second wife, seen in this photograph, was Jónína Thorunn (Johnson) Matthiasson. 'Jona' died in Winnipeg on Oct. 1st, 1979. She was a daughter of Helgi Johnson of Winnipeg. Helgi was born at Eskiholt, in Borgarhrepp, Mýrasýsla, Iceland, April 2nd 1866.







Will's father was Magnús Kristjansson, born Sept. 10th, 1865 at Selerdal, in Hordudal, Dalasysla, Iceland and died in 1944. His mother was Margret Dagbjort Danielsdóttir, who died in 1968. Will was the eldest of 4 children, 2 sisters and a brother. See more details about his parents in "Wagons to Wings" written by his sister Fjola.

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