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Interview by: Karen Vopnfjord,
Sannich, Vancouver Island, B.C.

Karen has had extensive experience as a Vancouver Island Cable TV program host and reporter. She has an easy going manner of interviewing and draws out a sense of vitality in those she interviews with her ever present, buoyant sense of enthusiasm.

Walter Sopher & Karen Vopnfjord seen here in the Vopnfjord residence in West Saanich, BC. They graciously acted as hosts to Walter and wife Julie, and Robert Asgeirsson while they were visiting the island.

Interview - Length 9:45 min.


Walter and wife Julie toured the western Icelandic clubs at the end of May, shortly after the INL conference in Hecla. Elected as the new INL of NA president, Mr. Sopher felt that "mending fences" was needed, so he came with a message of a renewed sense of Unity and cooperation in the League.

Seen below: Walter and some of the ICCBC executive held a productive meeting about the ICCBC re-joining the INL of NA. Photo taken at "Iceland House" in New Westminster, BC.

L-R: Nina Jobin *, Gerri McDonald *, Walter Sopher, Brian Cairns, Jana Helgason, Hildur Reykdal, (ICCBC president), Oli Leifsson * (* ICCBC past presidents)

Members of the Victoria Icelandic Club met with Walter Sopher in the residence of the club's president - Linda Bjarnason. The meeting was cordial and constructive, with concerns expressed about various issues faced by the smaller clubs.

L-R: Seated: Walter Sopher and Skuggi (Linda's dog),
2nd Row - Emily Campbell, Trish Baer, Linda Bjarnason, Yrsa Bergsson, Norm Jonasson, Ruth Cartwright, Joan Young,
Back Row - Ingi Bergsson, Eric Clemens, Bill Valgardson

Building ice roads in the frozen north for Canadian industry



Walter Sopher, president of the INL of NA, is still going "full steam ahead". Born in Riverton, MB and now in his seventies, Walter and wife Julie run (24/7) their own internet store: Icelandic Goods by Brendan. They also have an actual physical store open in the winter for 4 months. At other times both he and Julie travel around Alberta setting up their store at various events.

Walter says that those who deserve the most credit in helping him to make things happen are his wife Julie and Gil & Fran Benedictson.


L-R: Walter Sopher, Hrodmar Margeirsson, Johanna Wilson and Walter's brother Stefan Sopher from Sault Ste Marie. Photogaph was taken at the Hofsós site.



Sage advice after a lifetime of experience:

"Nothing is impossible,
it just takes a little longer."

"Don't tell a lie, and you don't have to remember what you said."

- Pat Peacock.................................................................Dr. W. Kristjanson -