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The Icelandic National League of North America (INL of NA) was formed in 1918 and held its founding convention on March 25, 1919 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since the very beginning, it has played a leading role in most public spirited and cultural activities among the Icelandic people in Canada and the United States of America.



95th Annual Convention



Hotel Venue - INL of NA Convention 2014

The committee has met and a reservation has been made for the venue.  All events (other than tours) will be conducted at this site. 
This will be the Canad-Inns - Polo Park in Winnipeg.  Their website is, with the central reservation line as 1-888-33-22623 (CANAD) and local reservation number is 204-775-8791
There are 100 rooms being held for the event with a daily rate of $119.00 which includes vouchers for 2 breakfast meals.  The group rate number (238367) to reserve into this offer. 
There is also a plan in place for overflow beyond the 100, but those accommodations will be off-site with shuttle services.  The room rate on the overflow rooms will be slightly more at $129.00.


NEW: Check out the website for the Donald K. Johnson Icelandic Film Series. The confirmed showdates on the website will be updated as they occur. This might be an easy way for clubs have an on-line posting about their showings. The preview for the film is posted on the site, so you could refer people there o they could see what the film is all about. Here's the link:


Introducing the 2014 INL of NA Calendar

“Volcanoes of Iceland”

It's beautifully designed, informative, and features major volcanoes of Iceland.  Photographs were graciously provided by professional photographers Mats Weibe Lund and his son Christopher.

The 2014 INL of NA Calendar is now available
$12.00 plus shipping
Contact the INLofNA Office
103-94 First Avenue
Gimli, MB R0C 1B1
or the INL chapter nearest you


Since 1999 The Snorri Program has offered 212 young individuals to participate in a 6-week diverse program in Iceland: 2 weeks in Reykjavík studying Icelandic, 3 weeks with relatives and 1 week exploring Icelandic nature.  
Why? To strengthen the bonds between Iceland and North America
Who? Available for 18-28 year olds of Icelandic descent
When? June15 - July 25, 2014
Deadline: January 14, 2014
12-16 applicants will be selected by the Snorri Foundation

Since September 2003 the Snorri Foundation has created a program for over 100 individuals to participate in a 2-week cultural program; an ‘in-depth’ program that you will get so much more out of than you’d get as an ordinary tourist.  Relatives, history, culture, nature and everything in between!
Who? Anyone over 30 who’s interested in Iceland
When? August 20 -  September 2, 2014
Deadline: January 28, 2014
15-20 individuals will get an opportunity to participate

Website for both programs; fees, application forms & information
Email -

Please note: Both programs are non-profit. Grants are offered to all younger participants.

Please note that Snorri Plus is almost full for 2014.

Icelandic Biographies

Did you know an Icelander first drew Bugs Bunny?  An Icelander was also one of the first to explore the Arctic and develop rust resistant wheat. There are many people of Icelandic origin who have done things that are helping you and me to this day and will continue to do so into the future. Many of the Icelanders who made significant contributions to North America and beyond were not members of an established Icelandic club.  Therefore, their stories have not been kept alive and are dimming as the years go by. We want to capture those histories and memories before they fade away completely.  The INLofNA’s Icelandic Biographies Committee is working to collect biographies of people who have made major contributions to society, no matter what field of study (politics, science, industry and technology, cultural, the arts, etc.)

The Biographies Committee would like your assistance in compiling a list of the people described above.  If you have someone you feel should be included, please send the name and general information, such as their contribution, to Completed biographies will be posted on the INL website for everyone’s enjoyment.

Would you like to help with this project?  There are many things that are needed, but most important is your referral of anyone that has made a contribution.

Other thing include:

-can you translate Icelandic to English?

-would you like to research and write biographies?

-are you able to edit existing biographies?

-are you able to improve the quality of pictures that are submitted?

Below is one of the Biographies of people, now deceased, that we are referring to:

Biography of Charlie Thorson written by his grand daughter

Charlie Thorson


2013 INLNA Calendar Photos available for viewing

The theme of Icelandic flora allows for an enormous variety of plant life, from lichens and mosses, to flowers and grasses, to trees.  There were many more wonderful photographs submitted than could be used in the 2013 Iceland in Bloom calendar.  We have decided to make them available for viewing to the public through the INL of NA website.  Click here and see what Iceland can offer us!



Photo Gallery

INL Reads






and Icelandic Care Home Höfn Society, Vancouver, BC


History Book
History book front cover

In 2009 the Icelandic National League of North America celebrated its 90th Anniversary.  To celebrate this occasion, the INL has published its history.  This is an easy-to-read overview of the formation and activities of the INL.  The book starts with an Introduction to the INL and then the formation of the organization in 1919.  It tells about the people, early events, and then reviews our membership, bylaws, conventions, and projects.  It gives a brief history of each of the member Clubs and the monuments that celebrate our ancestors and heritage. 

We think that this should be enjoyable reading for you, your family and anyone who  may have an interest in things Icelandic.  This inexpensive book (only $5.00) will make an important addition to your book shelf. It would make a good gift for members of your family or your friends. 

Books have been distributed across the country so there is someone near you who will be able to supply these books.  Contact your local Icelandic Club.  To find the club nearest to you, just click Chapters on the top bar.

To order directly click here for more information.



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